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i want vip im from iran i cant pay by uero but im always online i dont no you know server evo. romanian server but im vip  on here  plz give me vip i dont no how to right topi c im sorry    *_* GooD LuCK

in the game name: Mr.prsw(ProGamer)XD

»Real Name: parsa
»Age: 19years.
»Can you activate TeamSpeak3? (Obligatory without him no point to make the request!) :: Yes.
»Hours played (  1week -3 days and 15 hour)
»  Where did you find out about the server?  :i found this server from my cousin Lovley(Boy):D


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Hello, to buy GOLD vip you have to pay the amount of 5 euros per month or 30 euros permanently by the paypal method. Or for SILVER vip, give / buyvip to level 15 on the server.

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